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Life can throw painful situations our way, and in response, we often try to shield ourselves from the pain by creating distractions that take our attention elsewhere.

We might become workaholics, burying ourselves in busyness. Or we could escape to a world of laziness and inertia.

Some turn to substances like drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol, while others embrace habits like perfectionism.

While these coping mechanisms provide temporary relief, they also hinder the natural flow of our creative energies.

In this week's video, I delve into the reasons WHY we block our creative energy, so we can clear these inner hurdles and let our creative juices flow freely!

Let's explore some common ways we obstruct our creative energy:

  • We project our problems onto others and worry about them, postponing our own solutions.
  • We suppress or redirect vast amounts of energy to avoid feeling pain, but this only bottlenecks our emotions.
  • We mistakenly believe that not feeling or being ourselves will end the pain, but it comes at a high cost.
  • We try to halt the energy flow containing pain, but in doing so, we also cut off the positive experiences, including growth and healing.

Often, we may not even realize we're doing this, as it becomes habitual. By shutting off our wounds, we inadvertently disconnect from our creative core within.

And it's from this very core that our creative energy springs forth. By isolating ourselves to avoid pain, we inadvertently stifle our creativity and block our own healing.

Let's break free from these self-imposed barriers and rediscover the boundless well of creativity within us!

Embrace your true self, embrace your journey, and let the healing begin!

ALL my best,

Teena Evert

Intuitive Integral Psychotherapist & Energy Coach

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Hi, I'm Teena Evert!

I'm an intuitive integral psychotherapist who helps sensitive caring souls escape empathic overdrive, navigate boundaries, and beat fatigue.

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